Sensible Consulting Services and is not a Regulated or Registered Financial Services Provider and does not render financial advice or intermediary services.


Sensible Consulting Services are consultants that focus 

on provision and distribution of non -insured and non – regulated Risk Identification and Risk Mitigation products for small to medium size businesses and entrepreneurs.

Services offered by Sensible Consulting Services

The team at the Sensible Consulting Services understands their obligations and the need for a development imperative in the South African and African markets they operate in, and thus focusses on assisting all business, but especially previously disadvantage business and entrepreneurs with the development of these business’s into fully fledged commercial enterprises. The aim is to ensure that the business’s we work with, can develop to a level where they compete on level terms with more established businesses.

Sensible Consulting Services consists of 3 areas of expertise, namely:

  • Sensible Consulting
  • Sensible Net Works and Affinity Groups
  • Sensible Incubation Projects and Mentoring

Sensible Consulting

While a commercial insurance policy might be the first and most important and initial step in this process is:

  • Risk Identification
  • Thereafter, Risk Mitigation
  • And then Risk Transfer

The Team as Sensible Consulting Services focus on the first 2 elements being Risk Identification and Risk Mitigation and the provision of the tools and services to manage these risks. In the modern world where speed and flexibility are a given, but administration, legislation and regulation are a constant, all businesses require a more comprehensive approach to risk management in their business. The Team at Sensible Consulting Services provide services in the following areas:

  • Legal Services
  • Corporate governance
  • Cyber Risk Detection and Management
  • IT and Information Technology
  • Accounting services
  • Micro Finance
  • The development of unique Risk Products
  • The setting in place of Human Resources Frameworks
  • Risk Management and Assessing
  • Enterprise Risk Management Frame Works
  • Translation Services

Sensible Business Groups and Affinities

A driving forces and one of the underlying philosophy’s behind the Sensible Consulting Services is the “Mutual Models and Associations” which bring together like-minded groups who assist one another, while at the same time as developing themselves, take communities, products and ideas forward that after the Risk Identification and Risk Mitigation phase move towards the concept of insurance risk management that is based upon the concept that ” the premium of the many, will hopefully cover the losses of the few”.

While it is appreciated that “Business” is often viewed as an individualistic endeavor, it is the belief of the Sensible Team, that in South Africa and Africa particularly, no person is an Island, or as the saying goes in Africa, “it takes a whole village to bring up a child” and as we believe in this case develop a business.

We thus encourage all our business partners, SME businesses and entrepreneurs to contact Sensible Consulting Services in order that we can be put you in touch with the numerous affinity groups and associations we are involved with, in order that they too can gain this competitive advantage.

Sensible incubation and accelerator

The team at the Sensible Consulting Services understands their obligations and the need for a development imperative in the South African and African markets that they operate in and thus focusses on delivering knowledge transfer, training and mentoring.

Knowledge transfer is one of the key elements upon which the Sensible Team is built. This division is thus one of key corner stones of the Sensible Crowd. The Sensible Crowd thus through its own staff, alternately facilitate through its consultant network offers a wide range the training and skills development courses. Some of these include:

  • Developing Business Plans
  • Basic Accounting
  • Basic business law
  • Basic business and enterprise development Course
  • Human Resources Process and Procedure
  • Fais and Compliance Training
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Providing access to market
  • Delivery through the online application
  • Etc.

While often developing businesses, SME’s and entrepreneurs in the financial services sector, the team at Sensible Consulting Services focuses on all sectors of the South African and Southern African market. The team boast qualified Chartered Accountants, Attorneys and team members with BSC and MBA’s with their ranks coupled to a formidable network of professional organisation and NGO’s who available to assist started up businesses, SME’s and entrepreneurs. To date the team at Sensible Consulting Services has mentored several startup businesses who are all still successfully trading today.

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